DLLE (Department of Lifelong Learning and Extension)


The Department of Lifelong Learning and Extension [DLLE] established on October 12, in the Year 1978 and has been recognized as a statutory Department of the University of Mumbai since 1994 to promote a meaningful and sustained rapport between the Universities and the community.

In order to help students, become more aware of sociocultural issues, the DLLE was created. Degree college students engage in extension work projects focused on social concerns, and if they successfully complete 120/240 hours of work and turn in the project report by the due date, they will receive 10 extra points in their final exams.


Types of Projects undertaken by the students:


Annapoorna Yojana’s (APY):

Goal: Goal is to improve students’ self-reliance by encouraging them to try their hand at small business ownership.

Achievement: Improvement in time management, decision-making, interpersonal relationships, organization, planning, leadership, and knowledge of small-scale production and marketing, as well as in self-confidence, communication, and negotiation abilities.


Population Education Club’s (PEC):

Goal:  Mission is to educate the public about urgent social issues and to raise awareness of them.

Achievement: The goal of reaching the unreached is accomplished through dialogue and awareness-raising.


The National Institute of Open Schooling’s (NIOS):

Goal: Goal is to raise awareness of the value of education and to promote education completion. to enlighten people about NIOS and to raise awareness of the idea of open schooling

Achievement: Increasing public understanding of the importance of education.


Survey of Women’s Status (SWS):

Goal: To make it easier for the college to gather fundamental information regarding the position of women in the workplace

Achievement: Development of survey and research abilities, data analysis and interpretation


Career Project (CP):

Goal: is to assist students in learning about careers, equip them with interviewing skills, teach them how to gather information, and tell them of the employment prospects for the careers they are considering.

Achievement: Understanding jobs, related occupations, and the benefits and drawbacks of each.


Industry Orientation Project (IOP):

Goal: Goal is to boost students’ employ-ability by providing them with marketable work skills.

Achievement: A step into the workforce, a chance to try out a vocation, a work experience certificate, the development of employable skills, and general aptitude


Teachers In-charge of DLLE projects:


Chairperson : Mrs. Reshma Rohit Banmgera
Member : Ms Nikita Shyamkant Mhatre
Student Managers : Mr. Kaskar Vineet Virendra (TY Bsc IT)

Ms. Soni Prerna Ashok (TY Bsc IT)

Mr. Mahto Vishnu Rishi Kanhiya (TY BCom)

Ms. Hamdule Amina Mansoor (TY BCom)



DLLE REPORT 2022-23DLLE  REPORT 2022-23.pdf

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