Core Value


Love and respect for one’s native land are the foundations of patriotism. Children will become responsible adults in the future if this sentiment is instilled in them. You can help the nation by doing this. Continue reading for some straightforward yet potent advice on how to encourage children to be patriotic.


Public education should be free from any religious control according to the principles of secularism. Regardless of their religion, children should receive an education that will strengthen their moral character and behavior.


Knowledge truly makes learning simpler, doing far more for students than just sharpening their cognitive abilities. In addition to being cumulative, knowledge also expands exponentially. The affluent get richer, and those with a strong foundation in information find it easier to learn more.


Integrity is the ability to live your life with the principles of responsibility, fairness, honesty, and trust in both good and terrible circumstances. The definition of academic integrity is upholding the same principles in all academic endeavors, regardless of the difficulties.