Entrepreneur Cell

Entrepreneur Cell


E-Cells, also known as Entrepreneurship Cells, are organisations that support and promote entrepreneurship with the goal of supplying aspiring business students with knowledge and practical business experience.



1.To plan activities that encourage pupils to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset.

2.To plan engaging meetings with prosperous businesspeople.

3.To assist students in starting up their businesses.

4.To make students more aware of the programmes and regulations in place to support new businesses.

5.To educate professors on the value and necessity of entrepreneurship among campus students.

6.To get students thinking, designing, building, and testing their projects, then turning them into finished goods.

  1. To develop an environment that encourages students’ entrepreneurial spirit


Composition of Committee

Chairman – Mrs. Varsha Veer

Member – Mrs. Reshma Bangera



Activity Report 2022-23

Activity Report 21-22

Activity Report 2018-19