Best Practice 1

Best Practice 1 

Title of the practice: Unity in Diversity



  • To promote unity in diversity amongst everyone.
  • To inculcate moral rules
  • To develop the religion and spiritual qualities
  • To develop the sense of equality
  • To conserve the ancient Indian culture



A college is a miniature of society and reflects all the characteristics of the institution to society. The prosperity of a society depends on its education system and their policies. Educational institutions help produce good citizens who improve the talent pool of the country. India is a multicultural and religious country. Everyone follows their own religion and culture and celebrates their holiday freely in their own style. The students of the institution come from different castes and religions, “Uran Education Society” promotes “Unit of Diversity” by organizing various cultural programs and strives to achieve the best practices of the college as “Cultural Diversity”.



The intuition has been taking following measures to achieve the best practice: 

  • The institution successfully organizes get-togethers for the Diwali and Dandiya. 
  • Marathi Diwas is celebrated in the college campus. 
  • Saraswati Puja on account of Dussehra is celebrated with religious spirit. 
  • Traditional Day is celebrated with unity spirit. 



The Academic Calendar was followed accordingly to celebrate all cultural programmes in the following academic year and maximum students actively participated in the programme. 


Obstacle of the Programme:

  • Many students do not participate actively in various competitions.
  • Lack of interest
  • Wrong perception towards the celebration of cultural activities 
  • Financial problem 
  • Lack of time 



  • Celebrating different cultural programmes develops new thinking, experiences and understanding of Indian culture based on unity in diversity.
  • It focuses on the cultural awareness of the students.
  • The student appreciated the cultural differences.
  • Students are encouraged to overcome the stereotypes of programmes.
  • It developed the sense of mutual understanding and tolerance power.
  • It created a familiar environment in college. 


Resource Required

  • Require funds 
  • Require more time to organize the various cultural programme 
  • Require resource persons.