Best Practice 2

Best Practice 2

Title of the practice: Skills and Talent Development Programmes



  • Ensure benchmarking of sufficiently high quality, globally recognized qualification standards. 
  • Teaches students to understand through experiential learning and a hands-on approach.
  • Improves students’ skills by applying their knowledge to face and solve real-time challenges.
  • Discover and hone the hidden talents of students by challenging them with various tasks. 
  • Accelerates students’ decision-making in various fields with speed and standards.



Skills and talents are the driving force of a country’s economic growth and social development. In today’s global scenario, it is of utmost importance that the students of every institute acquire additional knowledge apart from their regular studies as per the curriculum. All students must continue to work to improve their skills in order to participate, and also win, in the competition. In this improvement process, students must acquire different skills and techniques to deal with daily challenges in order to prepare for the labor market. Therefore, in line with the vision and mission of the college, we have decided to move forward with progressive steps.



  • All departments of the college have designed various certificate and skill development courses to bridge the gap between the curriculum and the requirements of the industry and corporate sector. This gives students more information.
  • These events are organized according to the vision and mission of the college and in coordination with the goals and objectives of the institution.
  • These events are designed and implemented so that students can actively participate at all levels, allowing students to learn in real-time situations.
  • There is an organizing committee of teachers and students who work under the supervision of the responsible Head of Department or coordinator and a group of students who participate in the event.
  • Various types of events such as Workshops, Seminars, Essay Writing, Elocution, Guidance lectures etc. are organized.



  • All requests for conducting programmes are signed by principal, notices of programmes, participant attendance report, event reports and photos are stored in chronological order. 
  • Student entrepreneurship is growing in the form of start-ups. 
  • The number of student internships is increasing in various industries and companies. 
  • Student salary packages have been increased. 
  • Industry and companies have a demand for students from certain sectors


Obstacle of the Programme:

  • Reorganization of formats according to the pace of innovation and creativity. 
  • Keeping standards and norms. 
  • Continuous funding for event planning and execution. 
  • The core of a state-of-the-art event space. 
  • Motivate non-teaching staff and students.